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Ensuring Employee's Complete Quality Work

Clint Maun, CSP

Many healthcare managers believe that if they don’t regularly stay "on top" of work assignments, the job just won’t get finished. As managers, we train, coach, certify, demonstrate, and re-demonstrate, yet many, employees still don’t complete their responsibilities in a quality manner. In fact, if we don’t quality check their work we may be exposed to problems with compliance, customer service, reimbursement, litigation etc. The Director of Nursing Services and other key nursing management are particularly vulnerable to this situation due to the task issues that must be ensured on a daily basis.

This program highlights proven approaches to maximize orientation results and realize an early return on investment (ROI) in human productivity.  Learn to capitalize on people’s strengths (both new and current employees).  We believe it is possible with proven leadership techniques, for management to ensure employees "step up”, remain constant, motivated and successfully complete their work responsibilities and more every day.

This session will explore in an invigoration manner, methods to develop a true “people” focus that will guide organizational success.
At the completion of this session, the participants will have been involved with invigorating, immediately implementable information that will allow them to:
  1. Determine what is currently occurring concerning individual employees and their personal motivation.
  2. Thoroughly understand why a “people” focus is of tremendous benefit in prioritizing daily work activity.
  3. Develop self control systems that empower employees to progress toward successful ongoing measurement of their own success.
  4. Use 4 questions to determine how individuals in a particular situation are currently performing.
  5. Prepare the organization for involving employees at the level where problems are occurring rather than flushing problems up to higher levels.
  6. Organize an effective method for service recovery, customer service excellence, and quality assurance at staff levels.
  7. Implement high quality customer service that is delivered by highly quality performers.
This session will be presented utilizing lecture, case study discussion, group interaction, humor and question and answer. There will be definitive techniques that today’s leaders can utilize to make a measurable difference in ensuring employees produce quality work.