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Organizational Audits

A total Organizational Audit should be completed with “fresh eyes” so there is a completely objective viewpoint as to what is necessary to achieve success for the organization in the future. It is helpful to have this information available as organizations move into strategic planning, budgeting and development of an overall strategic vision. In completing these types of organizational audits, we have determined that it is important to look at some or all of the following areas:
  1. Personnel systems, policies, procedures and practices. Are the tools for recruitment, selection and retention in place?
  2. Organizational structure and reporting relationships.
  3. Policy and procedure implementation and effectiveness.
  4. Communication processes - both formal and informal.
  5. Senior management team roles, responsibilities, implementation styles and relationships.
  6. Position by position analysis to determine value and worth to the organization.
  7. Financial systems, including budget reporting, control systems, and appliance issues and how information systems in finance are working or need to be improved.
  8. Organizational reporting relationships - specific to their effectiveness and focused accomplishment.
  9. Potential areas for cost containment or savings.
  10. Ongoing learning environment - this looks as if the organization is prepared with the appropriate attitude to learn and grow, and does it have the necessary systems, people and process in place to achieve this ongoing growth implementation/attitude.
  11. Union management relationships.
  12. Potential areas for new products or services.
  13. Potential areas for quality improvement, specifically in the areas of care, treatment and delivery of services.
  14. Potential areas for cost containment or savings.
We would accomplish this total organizational audit by an in-depth onsite research effort that would include the following:
  1. Review of records, policies, and procedures.
  2. Review of written correspondence.
  3. Review of communication processes, meetings, committees and interpersonal interactions.
  4. Verbal interviews, live and by phone.
  5. Written surveys, as appropriate.
A team from Maun-Lemke consisting of professionals with broad-based knowledge and understanding of comprehensive healthcare/human service organizations would conduct the audit. Their areas of work and involvement in the completion of the audit would be defined and directed by the Maun-Lemke project director. Interviews, reviews and onsite visitations would be controlled, coordinated, and developed against the appropriate time requirements for the completion of the audit.

Following the completion of the total organizational audit we would determine how best to proceed with the implementation of ongoing efforts to continually improve the organization now and in the future. We prepare a final report with recommendations in three focused areas: organizational/management structure, financial and human resources. If you’d like to discuss how Maun-Lemke can assist you with an Organizational Review, please contact us for further information and assistance.