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Have you asked...

What can we do to improve business?
How can we increase sales and retain our clients?
Are we doing a good job of staying competitive in the marketplace?

Customer Satisfaction Surveys will give you the edge!

Validate your organization’s reputation in the marketplace. A Customer Satisfaction Survey provides answers that management can only guess at...
  • How is our service after the admission?
  • How well does our billing system work?
  • How do our employees respond to client census or inquiries?
  • How effective is our sales training?
  • How do we fare against our competitors?
  • Do we have customer/client loyalty?
  • Where are opportunities for service improvement?
  • Where are the areas of successes?
A Customer Satisfaction Survey can enhance revenues by providing insights regarding new products or services, expanding market areas and buying trends and customer needs. Less tangible, yet more powerful from a marketing standpoint, is the trust relationship that an organization develops with its customer/client base as a result of the survey process.

Generally, a Customer Satisfaction Survey will benefit an organization by identifying needs, trends, perceptions and effectiveness in a proactive, positive, efficient manner. In addition, it can identify superior employee performance for recognition.

Your survey process will be completely customized for maximum validity and improvement outcome measurements. Data will be accumulated for base lining and easy year-to-year comparisons. Plus, based upon the data results, our consultants will prepare recommendations to address any issues of concern.

The customized survey will be completed by the resident’s and/or their families and forwarded anonymously to us for tabulation and reporting. We can measure not only the level of expectation but also the degree in which those expectations were met.

Our data reporting documents are user friendly making it easy to analyze the data and identify direct and specific areas for improvement and/or for successes. We can break down the survey results by a variety of survey design/division options, some are as follows:
  1. Overall data results
  2. Question comparison
  3. Facility reports
  4. Facility/department comparison report
  5. Facility comparison report
  6. Department reports
  7. Department comparison report
  8. Written comments (by category)
  9. Consultant comments
  10. Specific recommendations
  11. Length of service comparison report
  12. Building/program comparisons
  13. Resident to family comparison
  14. Top 10 strengths report
  15. Top 10 challenges report
Take a proactive step to improve your business and better serve your customers. Contact us today for further information and assistance on Maun-Lemke’s Customer Satisfaction Survey process.