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Employee Opinion Surveys

…will help you develop practical steps to enhance revenues, contain costs and improve quality!

An Employee Opinion Survey is a valuable tool to gain insight about your organization as it relates to one of your most valuable resources… the human resource. If you have a strong commitment and desire to learn more about internal perceptions in your facilities consider the worthwhile information you’ll receive about:
  • Employee Attitudes!
  • Management Effectiveness!
  • Root causes of turnover, absenteeism, conflict and low productivity!
  • Employee’s perceptions of the facility climate/culture!
  • Areas defined that create difficulty!
  • Indications of improvement areas
  • Personnel changes areas

When creating and conducting an Employee Opinion Survey we customize the format based upon what our clients executive leadership want to determine. If turnover is a specific problem, we’ll work to discover the root causes of turnover. If you’re experiencing low morale, we look for causes of low morale, lack of trust and/or facility culture traumas. Often times our clients identify a variety of areas they would like to be investigated, thus we design the exact survey to meet their needs.

Enhancing revenues can be realized through any number of different avenues as a direct result of an Employee Opinion Survey. New products or services may be discovered through probing the thoughts, perceptions, and ideas of employees. Less tangible yet often more substantial, is the effect a satisfied employee has on the reputation of the company, by encouraging positive internal marketing and increased productivity. This equates into one thing... increased sales and profitability.

By identifying areas that concern your employees and providing them with support from management for improvement options, you’ll see results in higher quality products and services, which ultimately means greater profitability.

Your Employee Opinion Survey process will be completely customized for maximum validity and data, and will be accumulated for base lining and easy year-to-year comparisons. Based upon the data results, our consultants will prepare recommendations to address any issues of concern. In addition, buildings and/or departments with scores significantly lower than the overall data scores will be identified with specific discussion and goal plans for improvement.

As the survey results are tabulated a variety of reporting options are available. They include:
  • Overall Data Report
  • Question-by-Question Analysis
  • Written Comments
  • Consultant Comments
  • Specific Recommendations
  • Multi-facility Comparison Report
  • Position Comparison Report
  • Length of Service Comparison Data Report
  • Department Comparison Data Report
  • Survey Comparison Data Report

Take a proactive step now to improve your business. Contact us today for further information and assistance on how you can benefit from Maun-Lemke’s Employee Opinion Survey process.