7 Keys to Personal Success and Happiness in a Healthcare Job
                            Handling Behavioral Problems
                                    Dealing With A Tough Board Member
                                    Managing Absenteeism and Tardiness (Make People Want To Come To Work)
                                    Overcoming Marginal Performers
                                    Reducing Negativism
                                    Typical Uses for Behavior Management in Long-Term Care
                                    Achieving Smooth Operations (Working toward Team Targets)
                                    Board Interaction in the Community
                                    Coaching vs. Counseling
                                    Follow the Leaders... How & Why Anyone Can Take on the Role of Leadership
                                    Leadership Strategies That Reduce Stress
                                    Mental Clarity-Assessing Your Facility's Level of Behavioral Care
                                    Target-Based Leadership
                                    Targeting for Success: Creating the Common Enemy
                                    The Executive's Role in Team-Based Improvement
                                    The Importance of Leaders versus Managers
                                    Workplace Coaching: A Step-By-Step Guide
                            Optimizing Operations
                                    Celebrating Baby Steps
                                    Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)
                                    Fix-it Strategies in the Middle of the Ballgame
                                    Meals or Milkings?
                                    Meeting Leading Suggestions
                                    Meetings -- Great Executive Teams
                                    Mergers & Acquisitions: Do Bigger Organizations Mean Bigger Problems? How to Help Your Employees through the Transition
                                    My Weekends
                                    Operating Solutions Oriented Meetings
                                    PPS, MDS, Do It For Less: Or Are We Blessed?
                                    Reducing Readmissions: How Long-Term Care Facilities Can Take a Proactive Approach
                                    Seven Sets Up Seventeen
                                    Spreading Budget Involvement
                                    The First Ten Minutes
                                    Volunteer Programs: A Blueprint For Success
                            Personal Improvement
                                    A Higher Calling in Healthcare?
                                    Business Focus: How to Spin Your Triangle
                                    Conflict Management: What Really Works? Here are Proven Solutions!
                                    It's Time to Stave Off Staff Stress
                                    Living in the Now
                                    Online Learning: The E-ffective Path to Career Development & Advancement
                            Optimizing Operations
                                    Living in the Now
                                    Mobile Madness: How to Get Employee Cell Phone Use Under Control
                                    One Great Unit (Leadership for Achieving Team Success)
                                    The Critical Role of Volunteers in Hospice Settings
                                    The First Ten Minutes
                                    The Fun Factor: Making Your Organization a Great Place to Work
                            Professional Development
                                    Are You in Charge?
                                    Developing Your Boss
                                    In Charge (Nursing Leadership Teamwork)
                                    Super-Star DON Takes On New Role
                                    Unleashing Productivity
                                    What Returns Can You Expect from In-House Training?
                            Recruitment and Turnover Reduction
                                     Catch A Rising Star
                                    A 'Care Plan' for Staffing
                                    Behavioral Interviewing: A New Approach
                                    Changing for Today’s Workforce (The New Worker)
                                    Crossing the Line: Reaching Out & Retaining Front-Line Healthcare Professionals
                                    Deming's 14 Points As Applied To Healthcare
                                    Embracing the Young Employed: Key to the Future of Healthcare
                                    Exit Interviews
                                    Good Computer Help is Hard to Find
                                    Great Facilities Attract Exceptional People
                                    Pre-Employment Testing: The Missing Link in Your Hiring Process
                                    Recruiting and Retaining Quality Dietary Department Employees
                                    Recruitment and Hiring Strategies for IS Professionals
                                    Retention and Selection of Health Care Staff (Team based turnover reduction)
                                    Sample Behavioral Interviewing Questions
                                    Solutions That Work for Finding and Keeping Top Dietary Staff
                                    Spanning the Ages: Meeting The Needs of Different Generations
                                    The Numbers Game: How to Address an Aging Workforce
                                    Training and Retention of Healthcare Workers
                                    Turnover Rates and Statistics In Long Term Care & Hospitals
                                    What is the True Cost of Turnover? You Might Be Surprised!
                            Team Based Improvement
                                    Benefits of Team-Based Scheduling
                                    Maintaining a Positive Nurse-Physician Relationship
                                    Team Building 101: How You Can Create & Maintain Cohesive Teams
                                    Team-Based Scheduling (For Team Based Employee Retention)
                                    Team-Based Selection of Quality Employees
                                    Teaming for Today's HealthCare Facility
                                    The Art and Science of Teaming (Maximize Team Productivity)
                                    The Executive's Role in Team-Based Improvement
                                    What About Incentives?
                                    Workplace Coaching: A Step-By-Step Guide
                            Admissions and Placement
                                    Admissions Process
                                    Easing the Trauma of Placement
                                    Entrance/Exit Criteria for Assisted Living
                            Culture Excellence Change
                                    It's All About Culture: How Culture Change Can Propel a Positive Image Among the Community
                                    My Weekends
                                    The Future of Health Care in America: The Provider's Perspective
                            Quality and Customer Service Excellence
                                    A Commitment to CQI Benefits Both Customers and Facility
                                    Anger, Hostility and Frustration...Oh My! Dealing With Difficult Patients
                                    Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)
                                    Customer Service Strategies that will Improve Your CMS Survey Scores
                                    Dealing with Death Providing Care to Those in the Last Stages of Life
                                    Easing Family Members' Concerns... Providing Quality Care for Alzheimer's Patients
                                    Is Your Customer's Point of View a Puzzle? (Mystery Shopping)
                                    Leveraging the Value of Mystery Shopping
                                    Patient Perspective and Insight
                                    Patient Satisfaction Scores: Surefire Strategies for Improvement
                                    Stop the Excuses
                                    The Activity Department's Role In Enhancing Customer Service
                                    The Five-Star Quality Rating System: A Look at Nursing Homes’ Top Concerns
                            Revenue Enhancement
                                    Customer Service Strategies that will Improve Your CMS Survey Scores
                                    Increasing Rehab Census - A Two-Fold Revenue Builder
                                    Leveraging the Value of Mystery Shopping
                                    Marketing Your Uniqueness
                                    P.O.W.E.R.: Positive Outcomes with Essential Revenue
                                    Physician Marketing
                                    The Six 'P's' of Sales
                                    Traditional Care to Transitional Care: Marketing the Transition
                                    What You Need to Know about ACOs
                            A Positive Attitude
                            Accepting Criticism: Are you able to accept criticism?
                            Avoiding Ruts
                            Controlling Anger
                            Daily Dozen
                            Eating Crow: Some people aren't able to admit mistakes. Are you able to eat crow?
                            Eleven things you did not learn in school
                            Failure: Do you treasure failure or success?
                            Four Questions For Self-Evaluation: Are you able to take a self-evaluation of the important parts of your life. Successful people are able to complete very simple and immediate self-evaluation about their life.
                            Goals vs. Fantasies: Have you set your goals or are you still involved in fantasy? Successful people set goals and then achieve those goals.
                            Guideposts: What guides your life? Do you have a set of principles for?
                            Have you chosen a purpose in life?
                            Hitting Your Goals: Is it possible to get what you want out of life?
                            Keeping Your Goals in Sight
                            Life Isn't A Dress Rehearsal
                            Living Today
                            Negative Feedbacks, Potential, Happiness, Learning
                            Ownership: Can you get people involved in carrying out ideas?
                            Reducing Stress: Are you tense throughout the day?
                            Searching For Utopia
                            Self-Confidence: Do you believe in yourself?
                            Smell the Roses
                            Starting the Day: Do you see a difference between motivated and unmotivated people? Why do some people seem to be so up?
                            Staying Positive
                            Taking Responsibility
                            Ten Good Reasons For Setting Goals: Do you know why you should set goals?
                            Time Management
                            True Integrity
                            Using If's: Are you good at making excuses?
                            Who's in Charge: Do you know someone who has tried to take advantage of their position?
                            Winners: Are you a winner?
                            Your Ego
                            Your Power -- 'King on the Mountain': How well do you handle your position?
                    Sample Policies
                            Care Committee Pledge
                            CARE Committee Problem = Solution Program
                            Coach and Mentor Program
                            Example of P=S Policy and Procedures
                            No BMG (Bellyaching, Moaning and Groaning) Policy
                            P=S Policy
                            P=S Policy #2
                            P=S Policy #3: Team Policy
                            Problem = Solutions: What Are We Doing to Each Other?
                            Problems = Solutions/Attitude Policy
                            Provider of Customer/Service Excellence Strategies
                     Selecting the Right Speaker
                    How to Introduce Clint
                    Partnering with Clint
                    Photos of Clint
                    What is a CSP?
                    Consulting in Action
                            How to Get Out of Pool & Stay Out!
                            Jungle Gems 24 Week Report: John Knox Village's Consulting Goals and Preliminary Outcomes
                            Read Our Clients Success Stories
                            St. John Scores Big With Recruitment & Retention Campaign
                            Workforce for the 21st Century
                    Consulting Services
                            Board Retreats
                            Continuous Quality Improvement Programs
                            Customer Excellence Initiatives
                                    The 12 Team Commitments For Revenue Enhancement
                            Executive Mentoring and Development
                            Leveraging the Value of Mystery Shopping
                            Marketing/Revenue Enhancement
                            Mystery Shopping
                            Strategic Planning Sessions
                                    Strategic Planning: Ten Key Questions
                            Targets/Goal Setting Facilitation
                            Teamwork Development
                            WORKFORCE 21: Recruitment, Selection and Retention/Turnover Reduction
                                    The 12 Team Commitments For Workforce 21
                    Resource Tools
                            Counting the Numbers
                            Customer Satisfaction Surveys
                            Employee Opinion Surveys
                            Exit Interview Surveys
                            Home Office/Corporate Climate Surveys
                            Organizational Audits
                            Performance Appraisal Feedback Surveys
            Contact Us
            Executive Coaching
                    Archived Newsletters
                    Newsletter Testimonials
            Online Store
                    Clint's Vitae
                            Handling Behavioral Problems
                                    Managing Absenteeism and Tardiness
                                    Managing Marginal Performance
                                    Reducing and Handling Negative Attitudes
                                    7 Wonders of the World for Leadership Success in Aging Services
                                    How to Stay Strategic vs. Operational
                                    Leadership in Leaner Times
                                    Leadership that Drives Results
                                    Learning to Lead: Transformational Leadership
                                    Preparing Your Organization for the Future: Strategy, Staff and Satisfaction
                                    Responsibility For The Future: Leadership Commitment To Success
                                    Smoothing Out the Rough Edges
                                    Targets for Success: Creating the Common Enemy
                                    The Future of Healthcare in America
                            Optimizing Operations
                                    Achieving Smooth Operations
                                    Healthcare Reform, Deform or Perform
                                    Methods to Mobilize, Market and
 Leverage Your Quality Initiative
                                    Money Tied to Results: Steps for Success
                                    The A.R.M.S. Length System: 7 to 1 Return on Involvement (ROI), Implementing Successful Revenue Teams
                                    The Valuable Ingredients for Network Partnerships
                                    Turf Wars: Making Teams Work
                            Personal Improvement
                                    'Are You Still Working At The Home?' (Motivational Presentation)
                                    7 Keys to Personal Success and Happiness in a Healthcare Job
                                    How to Survive and Prosper
 in a Health Care Career
                                    It's a Jungle Out There: Self Management for Today's Healthcare Leaders
                                    King of the Mountain (Problem Solving/Decision Making)
                                    The “Magic”ť of a Long Term Care Career
                            Optimizing Operations
                                    7 Sets up 17: Re-engineering the 'Day of Care'
                                    Critical Techniques For Operational Stability And Profitability
                                    Effective Communication vs. TURF WARS Are You On the Winning Team?
                                    Ensuring Employee's Complete Quality Work
                                    Managing and Leading Organizational Change
                                    Unleashing Productivity
                            Professional Development
                                    Communication is the Key
                                    Dealing With Difficult People
                                    Getting 'In Charge' A Leadership Seminar for Nursing Management
                                    Top Team Development: Defining CEO and Board Relationships
                            Recruitment and Turnover Reduction
                                    5 Month Rapid-Cycle Turnover Reduction and Staff Recruitment Solution
                                    Advanced Strategies for Coworker Engagement
                                    Advancing Superior Staff Retention
                                    Proven Techniques for Recruiting Talented Coworkers
                                    Retaining Quality Workers in the New Millennium
                                    Spanning the Ages: Meeting the Needs of Different Generations
                                    True Engagement of Young Coworkers
                                    WORKFORCE 21: Recruitment, Selection and Retention of Quality Employees
                                    Young Coworkers: Success Made Simple
                            Team Based Improvement
                                    Advanced Strategies for Coworker Engagement
                                    Growing Measurable Employee Satisfaction for Brand Differentiation
                                    Quality First: The Right Program at the Right Time
                                    Real-Time Teaming in Healthcare
                                    The Art and Science of Teaming
                            Admissions and Placement
                            Culture Excellence Change
                                    Patient-Centered Care: Straightforward Methods for Implementation
                                    Simple Techniques for Developing Person-Centered Care
                                    The Key Steps to Earn the Silver Award
                                    We're in the People Business
                            Quality and Customer Service Excellence
                                    Ensuring Customer Satisfaction in Today's Health Care Organization: Immediate Action Steps
                                    Growing and Marketing Excellent Customer Satisfaction
                                    Growing Measurable Employee Satisfaction for Brand Differentiation
                                    It's a Jungle Out There! Everyday Solutions for Today's Housing Professionals
                                    P.O.W.E.R. Moments: Positive Outcomes with Essential Relationships (Methods for Enhancing Real Customer Satisfaction)
                                    Quality First: The Right Program at the Right Time
                            Revenue Enhancement
                                    7 Absolutes for Your Revenue Enhancement
                                    Blueprint for Growing Revenue When Healthcare Funding is Going Down the Drain
                                    Creating A Simultaneous Culture Change of Quality and Revenue Improvement
                                    Developing The Value Proposition To Secure Your Network Position
                                    Hitting the Bricks
                                    Money Tied to Results: Steps for Success
                                    Overcoming the Obstacles to Your Organization’s Growth & Prosperity
                                    Post Acute Marketing to Hospitals: Your Partnerships to Gain
                                    Post-Acute Partnerships: Creating a Niche for Your Organization
                                    Surviving and Prospering in Tough Times
                                    The A.R.M.S. Length System: 7 to 1 Return on Involvement (ROI), Implementing Successful Revenue Teams
                                    The Continuum of Care Dating Game: Moving the Relationship from Courtship to Engagement
                                    The Future Of Reimbursement Is Now: Take Action Today
                                    The Kaleidoscope of Medicare Makeover
                                    The Required Quality and Operational Coordination For Generating New Partnerships
                                    The Ultimate Business Partnership
                                    Wipe Out Readmissions to the Hospital
                    Satisfaction Guarantee
                    Speaking Testimonials
                    Taping Policy