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7 Sets up 17: Re-engineering the "Day of Care"

Clint Maun, CSP

Rapid change and even chaos is occurring in today’s health care organizations. To re-engineer the facility for success, leadership must look at critical delivery systems that affect day-to-day operations. During this session participants will be involved in an invigorating discussion concerning the “day of care” in a health care facility. The participants will be challenged to look at various alternative implementation strategies that can be successfully implemented.

At the end of this session the participants will be able to:

  1. Look at specific delivery systems from each department to determine if the appropriate focus is in place.
  2. Understand how the first seven hours of the day sets up success for the remainder of the 24-hour day of care.
  3. Pair action steps for re-engineering discussions back in the facility so that appropriate changes can be made.
  4. Organize a day so that chaos can be managed, handled and effectively dealt with by the leadership team.
  5. Prepare various organized and specific communication and leadership processes that will effectively handle daily delivery systems to all customers (including Corporate, the State and quality assurance, the family and our primary customers).
  6. Develop an approach to leadership for the new century while keeping the focus on quality of service.

This program will use case study, lecture, group interaction, question and answer and humor to point out the way we have to look at re-engineering a day of service in today’s health care facility for success into the new century.