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Managing and Leading Organizational Change

Clint Maun, CSP

The healthcare industry is in a major evolutionary period. Relationships, services, partnerships and outcomes will be refined within a five year window… a window of opportunity. What does this mean for today’s healthcare professionals? Healthcare employees must be able to not only master a change in attitude, but also lead the implementation of change. This session will focus on how to effectively deal with change now and throughout this window of opportunity.

Topics covered in this fast-paced session include:
  • 50/50 Customer Relationships
  • Change Movements in Customer Satisfaction
  • The “No Excuse” Policy
  • Five Steps to Satisfying a Customer
  • Setting up Winning Situations to Maximize Change
  • Three Elements of Every Interaction for Change
  • How to Use Information and Ultimatums Effectively

In this session, the participants will discover information that will enable them to:
  1. Develop the correct customer (internal and external) focus needed in a changing environment.
  2. Improve customer satisfaction utilizing a five-step process.
  3. Direct the appropriate efforts for a change process utilizing an understanding of information, power and tension.
  4. Organize new strategies and change implementations correctly (using the Acceptance Time Principle).
This session will utilize invigorating lecture, group discussion, question/answer and case study.