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Effective Communication vs. TURF WARS
Are You On the Winning Team?

Clint Maun, CSP

Today’s health care organizations are faced with difficult challenges. They are expected to provide higher levels of productivity and, at the same time, become cost efficient. The consumer involved with acute health care has become more knowledgeable and expects more. In addition to these demands, employees are becoming more professional and want to have their opinions heard. Management is in need of some techniques and methods for successfully communicating and managing conflict. No one wants or pays for turf!

In this session, you’ll discover methods for improving your attitude, communication, motivation and implementing a positive life and business focus. This presentation allows the participants to be involved in specific communication enhancing exercises while having fun.
This program will provide insightful tips and proven methods so the participants will be able to:
  1. Communicate with others, both personally and professionally.
  2. Always stay above the line when talking with others.


  3. Handle negative attitudes (with themselves and others).
  4. Move remaining “turf” toward “team”.
  5. Implement techniques for operating “solution” meetings.
  6. Incorporate the concept of “customer” in their daily interactions.
  7. Develop appropriate communicate skills to ensure the implementation of 50/50 relationships.
  8. Implement techniques for improved inter-shift, inter-departmental and inter-personal relationships.
  9. Develop techniques for handling supervisory-employee situations.
  10. Understand the relationship between the “pleasaholic” and the “BMG”.
  11. Understand how to implement a 5-Step Customer Satisfaction Process in dealing with difficult customer situations.

This session is designed to prepare the participants with appropriate “how to” information. It will produce an opportunity for the participants to develop assertive communication and management skills that can produce successful interactions for the organization and, at the same time, for the individuals involved. This session utilizes case study, examples, lecture, humor, question and answer and group discussion.